Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic

Developed by psychiatrists and psychologists at the Yale University School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry, the Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience clinic (YTNC) is designed to further our collective understanding of the psychological and neurobiological processes that lead to stress and addictive behaviors.


Our mission is to further our collective understanding of the addictive process for the improvement of current treatments and development of novel therapeutic modalities.

From The Medical Director

Judson Brewer, MD, PhDJudson Brewer, MD, PhD

Judson Brewer, MD, PhD

No time in history have both the knowledge and tools for the understanding and treatment of the causes of stressful and addictive behaviors been as sophisticated as now. Despite these, addictions remain among the top problems facing society both from a health and economic standpoint. At the Therapeutic Neuroscience clinic, we have the opportunity to bring our scientific knowledge together with novel treatment tools to improve the health and well-being of our patients and society. 

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