Emotion Regulation Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Trial Phase

Trial Purpose and Description

Trial Purpose

To develop and examine the effectiveness of a new psychological treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.

Participation Guidelines

18 Years - 65 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Meet criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (chronic worry).

Inclusion Criteria

Fluent in spoken and written English, primarily interested in receiving treatment for GAD (chronic worry, anxiety, tension), and willing and able to give informed written consent and participate responsibly in the treatment protocol. ; Patients will meet DSM IV diagnostic criteria for GAD.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Primary DSM-IV diagnosis other than or in addition to GAD.
  • Prominent active suicidal ideation that poses a significant danger to the patient.
  • DSM-IV diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence within the previous 6 months.
  • Current DSM-IV diagnosis of organic mental disorder, schizophrenia, psychotic disorder, bipolar I disorder, or dementia.
  • DSM-IV diagnosis of borderline or narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Unwillingness to terminate or suspend any on-going psychotherapy during their involvement in the acute treatment phases of the project.
  • If currently taking psychotropic medication, the treatment has not been stabilized for at least 3 months.


Temple University
September 2008 - September 2010
Last Updated:
Aug 31, 2009
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