John David Elsworth PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Psychiatry

Departments & Organizations

Psychiatry: Molecular Psychiatry, Division of | Neural Transplant and Neurobehavior Program

Research Interests

Dopamine neurons; Oxidative stress; Mitochondrial dysfunction; Uncoupling proteins; Neurotrophic factors; Development; Stem cell transplantation; Parkinson’s disease; Striatum; Prefrontal cortex; Schizophrenia. more...


  • Ph.D., University of London, 1979

Selected Publications

  • Elsworth, J.D., Jentsch, J.D., Vandevoort, C.A., Roth, R.H., Redmond, D.E., Leranth, C., 2013. Prenatal exposure to bisphenol A impacts midbrain dopamine neurons and hippocampal spine synapses in non-human primates. Neurotoxicology 35, 113-120.
  • Elsworth, J.D., Leranth, C., Redmond, D.E., Roth, R.H., 2013. Loss of asymmetric spine synapses in prefrontal cortex of motor-asymptomatic, dopamine-depleted, cognitively impaired MPTP-treated monkeys. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol 16, 905-912.
  • Elsworth, J.D., Redmond, D.E., Jr., Roth, R.H., 2013. Coordinated expression of dopamine transporter and vesicular monoamine transporter in the primate striatum during development. Synapse 67, 580-585.



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